NameCountyCityIndustryRevenue (USD)HeadcountFounded YearDescription
SILVER CLEANERSILVER CLEANERSouth KoreaSoap and Other Detergent Manufacturing< 1MThe company manufactures and sells cleaning products such as “instantaneous cleaning water with water” and “air cleaning pads”. We also handle broom flushing systems for kitchens and washing and drying equipment. In addition, he also sells cleaning products and cleaning equipment.
SOAP VERY SHOPSOAP VERY SHOPSouth KoreaSoap and Other Detergent Manufacturing1M - 5MWe develop, manufacture, and sell cleansers and anti-fog agents for aluminum sashes. It also handles general consumer products such as commercial soaps and kitchen detergents. In addition, we are also engaged in mail order on its own website.
FLUEN FLUID ENG.FLUEN FLUID ENG.South KoreaSoap and Other Detergent Manufacturing< 1MThe company sells high-concentration hydrogen water, which is used in bacterial treatment and cleaning, deodorizing and antibacterial. It also handles products such as “air cluster” and “hydrogen source of oxygen”. In addition, we also support the sale of pharmaceuticals.
KHANBICYCLE CO.,LTD.KHANBICYCLE CO.,LTD.South KoreaSoap and Other Detergent Manufacturing< 1MProduces and sells chemical industrial chemicals and plastic products. In addition to the sale of disinfecting and deodorizing agents, it also supports water reforms.
DAEDEOK CLEANER CO., LTDDAEDEOK CLEANER CO., LTDSouth KoreaSoap and Other Detergent Manufacturing< 1MIt operates a laundromat store and provides services such as towel rental. The company also sells dishwashing detergents and industrial chemicals.
SNAILFIX CO., LTD.SNAILFIX CO., LTD.South KoreaSoap and Other Detergent ManufacturingManufactures and sells “duskin's products” such as mops, dust cleaners and kitchen utensils. We also undertake house cleaning and floor polishing services for bathrooms and kitchens. Household and kitchen utensils. Roll cleaner, scrubber, dishcloth