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NameCountyCityIndustryRevenue (USD)HeadcountFounded YearDescription
LB CAMLB CAMSouth KoreaFlour Milling< 1MManufactures and sells die-cast molds and jigs and tools. In addition, we also rent apartments.
TECTECSouth KoreaFlour Milling< 1MWe manufacture molds and assemble units by welding plastics and metals.
SO ESO ESouth KoreaFlour Milling< 1MWe undertake the manufacture of machine parts such as rotors, rollers, and cups. We also handle assembly and wiring of electrical components, and shutter hinge assemblies. In addition, he also works on the mail order of hand-assembled parts such as key chains. In addition, seminars to be held in various places are held.
POLY CAMPOLY CAMSouth KoreaFlour Milling< 1MWe undertake precision machining of plastics such as medical and industrial machinery.
ROLL ENG COROLL ENG COSouth KoreaFlour Milling5M - 10MWe are engaged in the design and manufacture of molds for automotive parts such as door mirrors and housings, and industrial parts. In addition to designing and manufacturing press dies and jigs and tools, we also undertake assembly and coating.
MAMMOS CO.MAMMOS CO.South KoreaFlour Milling< 1MIn addition to manufacturing and wholesale building hardware, we also work on mail order in web shops. We mainly manufacture and wholesale flooring and wall materials for medical facilities. We also undertake processing of metals such as stainless steel and aluminum.
HUN & MINSHUN & MINSSouth KoreaFlour Milling< 1MMainly engaged in the manufacture and sale of wooden molds and castings, and exporting to overseas. In addition, the company also operates museums and sculpture classes.
TOTAL BAKERY SYSTEM CO.,LTDTOTAL BAKERY SYSTEM CO.,LTDSouth KoreaFlour Milling10M - 100MThe company manufactures and wholesales bread crumbs. Tostem is a high-quality bakery system
ABHAE MILLABHAE MILLSouth KoreaFlour MillingWe work on lathing, milling, and machining. In addition, the company also develops the production of agricultural materials and fertilizers made from sawdust.
TOO RE PRECISION COTOO RE PRECISION COSouth KoreaFlour Milling< 1MWe manufacture parts for a wide range of equipment such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment and liquid crystal manufacturing equipment. It also performs precision cutting of resin materials and metals. In addition, we can respond consistently from product design to prototyping and mass production.
WHAIN PRECISIONWHAIN PRECISIONSouth KoreaFlour Milling< 1MWe undertake cutting of wood, resin, etc. It also supports milling and turning operations.
DENT MASTERDENT MASTERSouth KoreaFlour Milling< 1MManufactures industrial machinery such as “scraper cover”. We also undertake metal processing such as sheet metal processing, milling and cutting.
TECH PIN SOLUTION CO., LTD.TECH PIN SOLUTION CO., LTD.South KoreaFlour Milling< 1MWe are engaged in cutting and turning metal parts. In addition, we also support the manufacture of molds.
B.B PRECISIONB.B PRECISIONSouth KoreaFlour MillingEngrave letters, illustrations, logos, etc. on metal plates and plastics. Can be processed into acrylic, PP, PET, etc. It also corresponds to the production of sculptures by laser processing.
NR CAMNR CAMSouth KoreaFlour Milling< 1MWe undertake the manufacture of metal parts such as automobiles. We also assemble machines by cutting and welding.
CAM RICAM RISouth KoreaFlour MillingWe design and construct road signs, protective fences, and curved mirrors. He also works on plastering of steel and other materials using a machine such as a general-purpose milling machine.
HYBRID CAM CO., LTD.HYBRID CAM CO., LTD.South KoreaFlour Milling< 1MWe manufacture wooden molds for casting with a focus on the automotive industry. We also accept orders from design to completion of molds.
GLOBAL CAM CO.,LTD.GLOBAL CAM CO.,LTD.South KoreaFlour MillingManufactures wooden molds such as prototypes of industrial machinery parts. We also undertake sheet metal painting such as stainless steel and aluminum, as well as welding and milling.
SAEIL ENGSAEIL ENGSouth KoreaFlour Milling< 1MA company engaged in metal processing such as milling, lathing, and welding. We also support the production of small quantities and many varieties, prototypes, and mass-produced products.
WAVE TECWAVE TECSouth KoreaFlour Milling< 1MPerform metal processing, welding, and milling. He also manufactures industrial equipment such as conveyors, conveyors, and washing machines. In addition, it also supports obi, earthwork and concrete work.