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NameCountyCityIndustryRevenue (USD)HeadcountFounded YearDescription
MK SYSTEMMK SYSTEMSouth KoreaPortfolio Management< 1MDesign, manufacture, and construction of industrial machinery such as conveyors and automated warehouses. In addition to various automated machines, we also support the production of factory automation equipment. We also provide consulting on system introduction and development of various management systems.
WORLD VISION INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD.WORLD VISION INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD.South KoreaTesting LaboratoriesAs a technical service, we conduct contract development of industrial equipment and evaluation tests. We also engage in research and development of ceramic fibers, and import and export of raw materials and products.
HUMAN DAHUMAN DASouth KoreaHuman Resources Consulting Services< 1MIt is a company that performs sewing processing for men's and women's clothing. Other businesses include mail order sales, manufacturing inspections for clothing products, training and seminars for human resource development.
PLUS TECHPLUS TECHSouth KoreaPassenger Car Rental< 1MWe design, manufacture, and sell industrial machinery with a focus on self-developed ultrasonic welding machines. He also develops, manufactures and sells software, and manages computer classrooms. In addition, we are also able to rent real estate such as condominiums.
TOTAL SOLUTION TECHNOLOGYTOTAL SOLUTION TECHNOLOGYSouth KoreaTesting Laboratories< 1MWe design and develop machine tools such as machining, grinding machines, and polishing machines. We manufacture prototype machines for mass production by various molds, and contract development and commissioning of industrial machinery. In addition, we provide system introduction support such as electronic component assembly, software development, and operation training after installation of equipment.
WHITE SUN CO., LTD.WHITE SUN CO., LTD.South KoreaWelding and Soldering Equipment Manufacturing< 1MManufacture and wholesale of chemical fibers, knitted yarns, synthetic fiber raw yarns, etc. We mainly handle polyester fibers, chemical fibers such as nylon fibers and polyester fibers, and natural fibers. In addition, it also supports thread twisting, dyeing, and welding processing.
HAPPY WORLDHAPPY WORLDSouth KoreaEngineering Services< 1MHe mainly designs, manufactures and wholesales industrial machinery and various mechanical tools. In addition to the development and manufacture of original industrial machinery, we also dispatch design engineers and sell used machines. In addition, the company also conducts mail order of land and buildings.
KOREA EIGHT CO., LTD.KOREA EIGHT CO., LTD.South KoreaPackaging Machinery Manufacturing< 1MMainly engaged in the manufacture and wholesale of raw yarns for carpets. We also manufacture and wholesale paper products, and are characterized by the fact that we conduct an integrated production system from raw yarn processing to product manufacturing and sales in-house. In addition, it also develops trade businesses such as textile products and lace.
J KEYJ KEYSouth KoreaNational Security< 1MIn addition to manufacturing and selling keys, they also exchange keys and install locks. We also handle products such as key chains and ballpoint pens.
THE CROWN CO., LTD.THE CROWN CO., LTD.South KoreaDental LaboratoriesA company that manufactures and sells dental technology, dental materials, and dental equipment. As a group, we manufacture dental equipment such as zirconia all-ceramic, and sales of dental materials and dental equipment through distributors.
STEEL ONESTEEL ONESouth KoreaConstruction Machinery Manufacturing5M - 10MA company that processes and sells steel materials used in bridges, tunnels, and road structures. In addition to transportation services using trucks owned by the company, the company also develops warehousing and real estate leasing business.
STEEL ONESTEEL ONESouth KoreaConstruction Machinery Manufacturing< 1MA company that processes and sells steel materials used in bridges, tunnels, and road structures. In addition to transportation services using trucks owned by the company, the company also develops warehousing and real estate leasing business.
IWON STEEL CO., LTD.IWON STEEL CO., LTD.South KoreaHardware Manufacturing< 1MWe process and assemble steel materials, and wholesale them to general housing manufacturers.
ABC GLASSABC GLASSSouth Korea< 1MA company that sells and constructs glass with its strengths in precision processing technology. We handle a wide range of products such as laminated glass, insulating glass, and special glass for ships such as automobiles. We also support custom-made products according to customer requirements.
U DISPLAY CO., LTD.U DISPLAY CO., LTD.South KoreaGraphic Design Services< 1MA company that designs, constructs, and decorates the space of exhibitions, event venues, and commercial facilities. He designs and constructs various signs such as wall signs, sleeve signs, and stand signs, and decorations for shops and showrooms.
VISION ENERGY ENGINEERINGVISION ENERGY ENGINEERINGSouth KoreaGraphic Design Services< 1MWe design and manufacture industrial machinery, train technical instructors, and repair work for factories and other facilities. We also undertake photovoltaic installation work.
KJ SPORTSKJ SPORTSSouth KoreaFootwear Manufacturing< 1MA company that manufactures and sells sportswear such as rugby jerseys. Also, he is involved in the planning and management of sporting events.
BG T & A CO.BG T & A CO.South KoreaPortfolio Management10M - 100MA company that manufactures and sells chemical products such as vinyl chloride, polyolefin, and aluminum. It also conducts mail order business and laser processing. In addition, he also handles real estate leasing business.
SEOUL GLASS LANDSEOUL GLASS LANDSouth KoreaPackaging Machinery Manufacturing< 1MIt is engaged in the manufacture of wood and paper products and glass products. In addition, he also manages real estate.
D DIM KOREA CO., LTD.D DIM KOREA CO., LTD.South KoreaFiber Optic Cable Manufacturing< 1MThe company manufactures and processes industrial materials such as polyurethane, polyethylene, and rubber.