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NameCountyCityIndustryRevenue (USD)HeadcountFounded YearDescription
DAILY AROMADAILY AROMASouth KoreaPetroleum Refineries< 1MA leading company in the field of aroma and beauty. We carry out everything from planning and development to sales of aroma diffusers. In addition, he also imports, exports, and sells essential oils, develops and sells aroma sprays, and is also engaged in Internet business.
WELL-BEING REPAIR SHOPWELL-BEING REPAIR SHOPSouth KoreaIndustrial Building Construction< 1MHe is engaged in the construction of large signboards such as buildings, condominiums, and commercial facilities, renovations of houses and shops, and maintenance of automobiles. The company also produces and sells signs.
DR DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD.DR DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD.South KoreaMedical LaboratoriesWe undertake operations related to yarn development such as recombination of silk threads and recombination of silk threads. We also provide contract research and technical consulting for high-tech human resource development. In addition, we are engaged in the development of technologies related to silk threads.
KM SYSTEMKM SYSTEMSouth KoreaEducational Support Services< 1MWe are developing systems such as a process progress management system and a manufacturing execution management system. In addition, we undertake from system proposals to hardware and software selection and operational support. In addition, we also provide system maintenance services.
S-ONE CO, LTDS-ONE CO, LTDSouth KoreaPackaging Machinery ManufacturingA company that processes and manufactures industrial fibers such as sewing threads, chemical fibers, and foam fibers. In addition to working on interior work, we also rent buildings.
TWO EYES GLASSTWO EYES GLASSSouth Korea< 1MThe company manufactures and sells glass products for construction, such as insulation films to be applied to window glass. We also handle a variety of glass products, such as heat-shielding and energy-saving glass products and tempered glass for lighting. In addition, he also processes and sells architectural glass.
KIMSKIMSSouth KoreaConstruction Machinery ManufacturingHe is engaged in the manufacture of wood-based building materials such as “bonito kura” and “concrete torin”. We also support real estate sales, mail order, and sewing processing.
PLYWOOD ANDPLYWOOD ANDSouth Korea< 1MManufactures and wholesales special plywood, such as ordinary plywood, tylo plywood, and super wall materials. It also manufactures and wholesales building materials for housing manufacturers.
KGS WORLD CO., LTD.KGS WORLD CO., LTD.South KoreaDental LaboratoriesHe is engaged in the manufacture and sale of dental laboratory materials, and trade consulting.
FARMING ASSOCIATION USEONG BIOFARMING ASSOCIATION USEONG BIOSouth KoreaNitrogenous Fertilizer Manufacturing< 1MFermentation design, manufacturing, sales and wholesale of organic fertilizers, etc. In addition, we are developing a business that supports the production and management of agricultural products with a focus on rice, and agricultural consulting services such as support for cultivation of agricultural crops and marketing.
RICH CO.RICH CO.South KoreaFiber Optic Cable Manufacturing< 1MMainly engaged in yarn making and spinning, textile processing, and packaging. In addition, he also manages the knitting workshop “Synokomira Knitting Workshop”. In addition, it also supports pavement work, steel structure construction, and civil engineering.
LI-ON INC.LI-ON INC.South KoreaReal Estate Credit< 1MWe are engaged in the manufacture of yarns used in fashion clothing, and organizing textiles and processing. In addition, the company conducts real estate sales transactions, leases, and manages real estate.
POWER ECOPOWER ECOSouth KoreaElectric Power DistributionConsistently perform from photovoltaic power generation to electricity retail. It mainly supplies electricity to private homes and businesses. In addition, he is also engaged in retail electricity.
IMO INDUSTRYIMO INDUSTRYSouth KoreaConstruction Machinery Manufacturing< 1MWe undertake the manufacture of industrial machinery, etc. of reinforced plastic products, and handle welding of automotive interior parts and housing building materials. In addition, it mainly manufactures pachinko machines, and also designs and manufactures pachinko machines for overseas markets.
FOR YOU FLOORING CO.,LTD.FOR YOU FLOORING CO.,LTD.South KoreaFlooring Contractors< 1MWe manufacture, process, and sell flooring materials, and also support floor renovation. In addition to undertaking sheet metal processing and coating processing of flooring, we also sell and deliver furniture and building materials.
PLASTICPLASTICSouth KoreaAdhesive Manufacturing< 1MWe manufacture and assemble plastic products, and handle valve parts and small product parts.
PEACE FOODPEACE FOODSouth KoreaService Restaurants< 1MA company that provides lunch services to kindergartens, nurseries, elementary and junior high schools. He also manufactures and sells catered bento boxes, and provides lunch cooking services for nursing care facilities. It also supports mail order.
GENERAL ELECTRICGENERAL ELECTRICSouth KoreaIndustrial Gas Manufacturing< 1MEngaged in the manufacture and sale of electrical machinery and equipment, as well as wholesale and wiring work. In addition, it also supports all-electrification work.
ON SPORTSON SPORTSSouth KoreaIt operates the walking circle “ARU KABU”, and is involved in planning and managing walking events. We also sell handmade walking sticks for beginners and those who want to improve their skills.
SEA ENTERPRISESEA ENTERPRISESouth KoreaInland Water Freight Transportation1M - 5MWe are engaged in the transportation business using sea and land by ship, and also engaged in import and export. It also engages in the manufacturing and management of ships, as well as marine transportation and maritime logistics.