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NameCountyCityIndustryRevenue (USD)HeadcountFounded YearDescription
HAPPY LOCAL DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATIONHAPPY LOCAL DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATIONSouth KoreaEnvironmental Consulting Services< 1MWe propose environmental conservation plans and greening of rooftops, walls, and buildings. In addition, he is engaged in the revitalization of the region. In addition, we will also conduct a survey of the environment in the region.
WELL-BEING REPAIR SHOPWELL-BEING REPAIR SHOPSouth KoreaIndustrial Building Construction< 1MHe is engaged in the construction of large signboards such as buildings, condominiums, and commercial facilities, renovations of houses and shops, and maintenance of automobiles. The company also produces and sells signs.
DOT & DOTDOT & DOTSouth KoreaReal Estate Credit1M - 5MWe are engaged in civil engineering and construction work, as well as pavement work and renovation work. In addition to selling and buying real estate, we also undertake sewing processing.
ME NEW BOXME NEW BOXSouth KoreaIndustrial Building ConstructionA company that manufactures and sells excavation and construction materials such as “Earth Drop” and “Earth Drop”. We also sell scaffolding materials such as “Earth Drop” and “Earth Drop”. In addition, he is engaged in the sale of gardening materials and civil engineering materials.
THE FENCETHE FENCESouth KoreaIndustrial Building Construction< 1MWork on construction such as guardrails, signs, and fences for road safety facilities. We also handle road maintenance such as weeding, slope protection, and sign installation.
GOOD WORLDGOOD WORLDSouth KoreaIndustrial Building Construction< 1MWholesales and sells construction machinery tools, such as hammers and screwdrivers. In addition, he undergoes ground improvement work and civil engineering work. In addition, it also conducts the sale and sale of land and condominiums, as well as insurance agency services.
PARK INDUSTRIALPARK INDUSTRIALSouth KoreaLandscaping Services< 1MDesign, construction, and management of gardens, green spaces, and facilities. He also undergoes the maintenance and management of public facilities such as parks and street trees, as well as private gardens for general housing. In addition, we handle the maintenance and management of industrial waste treatment facilities.
TWO EYES GLASSTWO EYES GLASSSouth Korea< 1MThe company manufactures and sells glass products for construction, such as insulation films to be applied to window glass. We also handle a variety of glass products, such as heat-shielding and energy-saving glass products and tempered glass for lighting. In addition, he also processes and sells architectural glass.
SUNDAY OIL CO.SUNDAY OIL CO.South KoreaPetroleum RefineriesThe company operates gas stations as well as the delivery and sale of petroleum products to construction sites, factories, and transportation companies. It also deals with wholesale and retail of petroleum products. In addition, he also provides consulting on the use of renewable energy.
FINE TREEFINE TREESouth KoreaSales Financing< 1MMainly engaged in landscaping work, tree management, and sale. In addition, we undertake public works such as civil engineering work and water pipe laying work. They also sell garden stones, garden stones, and landscaping materials.
TOCTOCSouth KoreaConstruction Machinery ManufacturingWe are engaged in custom-built house construction and exterior construction, and respond to real estate sales and brokerage. We also undertake civil engineering and landscaping work and steel structure construction. In addition, the company also manufactures and sells building materials, and acts as a non-life insurance agent.
WITH PAEKWITH PAEKSouth KoreaMasonry Contractors< 1MA company that undertakes construction work and civil engineering work mainly for formwork work. In addition, the company is engaged in the manufacture and sale of wood processed products such as flooring and pillars, and mail order through its own website.
ONE TWO THREEONE TWO THREESouth KoreaPassenger Car Rental< 1MIn addition to the construction and renovation of custom houses, he also handles public works such as civil engineering work and water facilities. In addition, it also supports real estate rental such as apartments and land sales.
KOSSES GUARDKOSSES GUARDSouth KoreaNational Security1M - 5MIt is a company that mainly performs resident security and patrol security of commercial facilities, buildings, factories, etc. We also provide traffic guidance security at construction sites and parking lots. In addition, it also develops building maintenance businesses such as air conditioning management and water storage tank management.
WOOD LINEWOOD LINESouth KoreaIndustrial Building Construction< 1MWe are engaged in public works such as road pavement work, waterway repair work, and sewage treatment facility construction. In addition to various civil engineering works, the company also carries construction equipment and heavy goods such as dumps, trucks, and trailers.
LINE UPLINE UPSouth KoreaMotor Vehicle Towing< 1MCarry out construction management of air conditioning piping and wiring work for buildings. He also handles the dispatch of general workers.
RICH CO.RICH CO.South KoreaFiber Optic Cable Manufacturing< 1MMainly engaged in yarn making and spinning, textile processing, and packaging. In addition, he also manages the knitting workshop “Synokomira Knitting Workshop”. In addition, it also supports pavement work, steel structure construction, and civil engineering.
LINE WORKSLINE WORKSSouth KoreaIndustrial Building ConstructionWe carry out road construction, water supply work, and piping work such as air conditioning equipment. It also supports the construction of general houses and public facilities. In addition, we undertake electrical wiring work and installation of lighting equipment for outlets and so on.
SPEED YESSPEED YESSouth KoreaPortfolio Management< 1MAs a service for companies, we provide information about the construction of business systems, various services, and seminars. In addition, he also handles outsourcing such as correspondence of contract work and sales of goods by mail order.
IVY-LABIVY-LABSouth KoreaPassenger Car RentalWe are engaged in the rental business of condominiums and detached houses. In addition, it corresponds to civil engineering work, pipe work, pavement work, etc. In addition, we sell used cars, paint, and mail order through the website.